Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Sunny to Partly Cloudly

This is a start of sorts. I just want to be out there...

I was just talking to some friends yesterday about honesty, being honest with yourself, being honest in relationships; when someone messed up my day, my world tilted, slightly. She said , ‘What about emotional honesty?’ I said ‘What?’ ‘Emotional honesty, expressing your real feelings.’

Wow, what I would give to even contemplate emotional honesty. I can't even put one feeling in front of another... I mean what if what I’m feeling was hokey, immature, weird, unkind, or unacceptable to everybody else. What a risk and with feelings you've just got to put it out there, you can't censor it like a word your about to say or that joke you just heard.

Who am I emotionally honest with, anyone? Hmmmm.


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