Friday, August 27, 2004

The Mini Saga

Sunny to Partly Cloudy

I found a neat site that invites [read contest] writers to participate in writing Mini Sagas, that is complete stories ... in 50 words.
[excluding title] My for instance:

Why the stars turn to dust

He felt her lips upon his,
her sweet breath on his neck
he held her letting her warmth fill him,
slowly moving with the rhythm of the song,
'sometimes I wonder why I spend
these lonely nights dreaming of a song',
he turned across the floor in an empty embrace.

writing Mini Sagas

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Sunny to Partly Cloudly

This is a start of sorts. I just want to be out there...

I was just talking to some friends yesterday about honesty, being honest with yourself, being honest in relationships; when someone messed up my day, my world tilted, slightly. She said , ‘What about emotional honesty?’ I said ‘What?’ ‘Emotional honesty, expressing your real feelings.’

Wow, what I would give to even contemplate emotional honesty. I can't even put one feeling in front of another... I mean what if what I’m feeling was hokey, immature, weird, unkind, or unacceptable to everybody else. What a risk and with feelings you've just got to put it out there, you can't censor it like a word your about to say or that joke you just heard.

Who am I emotionally honest with, anyone? Hmmmm.